PowerShell Test-Transcription

PowerShell Test-Transcription

Recently I needed a way to test if transcription was running, and sadly all the articles I found with my Bing searches provided methods that don’t work.   Largely due, I suspect, to varied PowerShell version differences.

I decided therefore, to write a Function that can be used to test transcription.  It basically tries to stop Transcription, and if there’s an error, then it can be assumed that transcription was not running, however if it was, we resume the transcript with a note (so it’s captured in the transcript) and finally the function will return a Boolean True/False, just in case you want to use it to test for transcription within another script.

Results with Transcription off:

Test with Transcription On:

The script can be found here: https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Test-to-see-if-your-system-c4213039?redir=0