Powershell Remote User Logoff / Reboot

When patching servers, any disconnected user sessions typically prevent the post-patch auto reboot. To remedy this you could use the following Powershell script :


foreach ($_ in get-content servers.txt) {(gwmi win32_operatingsystem -ComputerName $_).Win32Shutdown(4)}


The script uses an input file named servers.txt populated with the names of all the servers targeted by auto-patching GPOs to force a logoff of all users on each server.


The Win32Shutdown(4) is a value that can be changed for different purposes, so if you want to use a similar script from a command line you can use the following values :

0 – logoff

4 – forced logoff

1 – shutdown

5 – forced shutdown

2 – reboot

6 – forced reboot

8 – power off

12 – forced power off


I’ve gone a bit further and created the following script to create a countdown timer that will send a popup message every minute to every server in the input TXT file for $timeleft (15) minutes, then force logoff of all logged on users, active or disconnected.


param([int]$timeleft = 15)


$countdowntimer = new-object system.diagnostics.stopwatch

while($timeleft -gt 0)



  foreach ($_ in get-content servers.txt) {msg * /SERVER:$_ “A scheduled task running on our management server will be logging off all users on this server in order to do patching in $timeleft minutes, you should save your work and logoff.”}

  while ($countdowntimer.elapsed.minutes -lt 1) {write-progress -activity “Elapsed Time” -status $countdowntimer.elapsed}




foreach ($_ in get-content servers.txt) {(gwmi win32_operatingsystem -ComputerName $_).Win32Shutdown(4)}

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  1. nice work!! I’m not quite sure how to implement this so it runs automatically (and I presume servers.txt will have to be manually updated – infrequently)… but I’m aware of the problem this solves and it’s an elegant way to do it.

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