First things first

My name is Darryl Kegg and I am a Senior Deployment Consultant at Microsoft, I am part of the Premier Deployment team within the America’s Cloud Services group deploying Office 365.   My background has been primarily focused on Exchange, Directory Services and Virtualization, with a minor in VOIP, telephony, Powershell, Lync, OCS and VMWare.   

Q: So, why another blog?  

A: I’ve decided to do my part in saving the environment by recyling IP (Intellectual Property).  🙂

The real answer :

In my day-to-day activities I often find myself referring back to the infamous “Scripts” folder on my harddrive that I’ve carried with me for years on CD, USB, DVD etc..  looking for snippets of code that can help me accomplish my latest task.   The old stuff is CMD and VBS files, and the newer Powershell, but everything has (or had) it’s place.    Recently I’ve been sharing a lot of my older (and newer) scripts with colleagues so I thought it might be a good time to start posting all those nuggets of scripting goodness as well as some links and tutorials on other things.

I take no (ok, maybe a little) credit for the scripts, I didn’t invent VBScript or Powershell so I cannot claim ownership of the contents nor call them 100% my own, what I can do is present them in a way that was of value to me and will hopefully be of value to you.   If you find something you like, cool, you’ll probably find bits and pieces of it elsewhere as well, so feel free to fold, spindle or mutilate as you like.   


If you see things here that can be improved please feel free to share or comment. 

If you dont’ like what you see here I invite you to go to YouTube and search for “Magic Gravity Ball” or “Organizing Tip of the Day”.


Ok, that’s it, so sit down, buckle up and please keep all hands and feet inside the blog at all times, it’s bound to be a bumpy ride…

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  1. Thanks in advance for all your help that you have provided to the Industry.

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